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World's Largest Country, Russia, Bans GMO Food Crops

20.10.2015 09:20:00

Victories are to be celebrated and for the future of healthy life on our planet we all can celebrate a beautiful victory. The world's largest nation, the Russian Federation, whose landmass spans Eurasia from the Baltic and Ukraine on the west to Vladivostock and the Pacific on her east, has formally declared all commercial planting of Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs, to be prohibited.

New Russian Wheat Tax Puts Exporters, Traders on Edge

01.06.2015 08:23:17

1 June 2015 - Russia approved the launch of a new wheat export tax from July 1, which traders say could threaten profits on advance contracts for the new crop if the rouble weakens in coining months.

Against the grain

07.05.2015 09:22:13

AGRICULTURE ought to be Argentina's strength. Instead, incessant intervention has turned it into a source of weakness. The government has meddled in wheat production since 2006 by raising export taxes and setting export quotas. This interference, defended by the government as "protecting the tables" of Argentine consumers, has simply discouraged farmers from planting the crop.

Monster Russian Yields in Black Soil Region

03.03.2015 16:21:37

One of Russia's black soil regions is being singled out for major agricultural upheaval, with major arable and dairy progress already in evidence. Russia's agriculture ministry has reported higher crop and milk yields in the black soil region of Ulyanovsk, an area with high humus content chernozem soils.

2000 Cow Plus Russian Farms in High Demand

03.03.2015 16:20:51

Great interest in large scale dairies is generating in one of Russia's most fertile regions. The black soil region of Ulyanovsk is being singled out for major agricultural upheaval, with major arable and dairy progress already in evidence.

Russia's domestic wheat prices up on weak rouble

03.03.2015 16:19:51

Russia's domestic wheat prices rose last week due to rouble weakness and limited offers from farmers, analysts said on Tuesday, signalling that state efforts to cool prices are yet to work. Russia imposed a tax on wheat exports from Feb. 1 on top of unofficial export curbs introduced in December in order to curb food price inflation caused by a 50 percent fall in the value of the rouble against the U.S. dollar since early 2014. "The rise (in domestic grain prices) was caused by rouble depreciation," said Andrey Sizov Jr., managing director of SovEcon agriculture consultancy.

Russia adds new informal grain export curbs in 2015 - traders

03.03.2015 16:18:51

Russia has strengthened informal curbs on grain exports since the start of the year, further complicating trading before the introduction of an export tax, a Russian grain exporters' lobby said on Tuesday in a letter to officials.

BASF, Cargill and Novozymes Achieved Another Milestone in Bio-based Acrylic Acid

17.12.2014 09:06:04

BASF, Cargill and Novozymes today announced the achievement of another milestone in their joint development of technologies to produce acrylic acid from renewable raw materials.

Alfa Laval wins $10m starch processing order in Russia

10.12.2014 09:28:53

Donbiotech is a joint venture between the Varshavsky group and the German industrial group Evonik in Volgodonsk in the Southern Russian Rostov Region. The plant will process locally grown wheat called Biolys.

Russia's grain exports could reach record high

05.11.2014 01:21:04

Russian grain exports for 2014/15 may reach a record high of 32 million tonnes, according to forecasts by the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, published on the web-site of the country's Economic Development Ministry.