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Tight finance, lack of storage may dent Russian state appetite for grain

25.05.2016 13:59:46

Russia, a major wheat exporter to North Africa and the Middle East, buys grain on the domestic market for state stocks every year in a scheme known as intervention purchases, pitting the government against exporters in years of high demand.

IGC raises 2016/17 world wheat, corn crop forecasts

30.04.2016 13:07:47

The International Grains Council (IGC) on Thursday raised its forecasts for 2016/17 world wheat and corn crops, with total supply potentially reaching a record level. The IGC's monthly update increased the forecast for world wheat production by 4 million tonnes to 717 million tonnes, saying that beneficial weather was improving the outlook in both the European Union and Russia.

Russian grain exports outstrip last year's record

28.04.2016 16:50:23

According to the latest projections from Russian agriculture consultant's SovEcon, April's grain exports are set to reach a record 2.5Mt. On a season-to-date basis, Russian grain exports have already overtaken last year's record, aided by a favourable exchange rate (see below). Exports since February (including April's activity, if realised) see cumulative exports stretching further upwards from last year's level, with full season exports expected to hit 31.4Mt (30.8Mt in 2014/15).

C5 is the new C6

16.12.2015 10:00:58

Goodbye glucose, hello xylose. The X-Factor in the advanced bioeconomy might just be a sugar that starts with an X.

Tkachev: grain production exceeds the requirements of Russia

26.10.2015 12:28:58

Minister of Agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev declared that grain production by the results of the current year exceeds the requirements of the country. In the presidential meeting on the development of agriculture Tkachev made the following prediction: "This year will be provide food security for grain on 142%, vegetable oil - 146%, potatoes - 99%, sugar - 95%, open type vegetables - 88%" . The Minister said, that within 8 months, the growth of agricultural production was approximately 2%.

How to save EU-Russian relations: Oil and grain

20.10.2015 09:36:55

As global tensions increase over Syria and Ukraine, it's hard to imagine a future where Russia and Europe are friends rather than foes - but the oil and agriculture sectors could help do just that.

Russia grain exports anticipated at near-record level

20.10.2015 09:35:36

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Russia's harvesting of the 2015 cereal crops is virtually completed and aggregate output is estimated at 100.9 million tonnes, slightly below the 2014 bumper production but almost 22% above the five-year average, according to a Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations report issued on Sept. 29. Wheat output remained unchanged from the 2014 bumper level, with an increase in harvested area offsetting slightly lower yields achieved this year. For barley, however, with virtually no change in area, lower yields resulted in a significant 15% reduction in output. By contrast, maize production increased by 15% to 13 million tonnes as a result of increased plantings and better yields the FAO reported.

Russia harvested almost 100 MMT of grain

20.10.2015 09:32:01

As of October 02, farmers harvested 96.3 MMT of grain from 39.9 Ml ha. The average yield was 2.41 MT/ha.

ADM Expands its Corn Processing Footprint with Acquisition of Facilities in Bulgaria and Turkey, and Increase of Ownership in Hungary Facility

20.10.2015 09:24:02

rcher Daniels Midland Company ADM, +0.02% today announced an agreement to purchase several assets of Eaststarch C.V., ADM's 50-50 joint venture with Tate & Lyle (TATE). Under the terms of the agreement, ADM will take full ownership of corn wet mills in Bulgaria and Turkey, and will own a 50 percent stake in a wet mill in Hungary. Tate & Lyle will receive a cash consideration of €240 million, subject to customary closing adjustments, including for net cash and working capital, and take full ownership of the Eaststarch facility in Slovakia.

Russian feed lysine project costs explode

20.10.2015 09:21:23

The costs of the construction of the feed lysine plant in the Ishimsky area of the Tumen Oblast in Russia have increased by 35%, to US$ 100 million. International trade sanctions against Russia and devaluation of the Russian ruble are responsible for the exploding costs.