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14 wet-mill plants will be build: Belarus invites Ukraine to participate in agricultural projects in the country

Belarus offers Ukraine to take part in the implementation of a joint Belarusian-Chinese project on the organization of deep processing of grain. President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declared this in his speech at the plenary meeting of the Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Ukraine on October 26 in Gomel, the press service of the head of state said.

"The farmers of your country will certainly be interested in the possibility of deep processing of grain in Belarus for the production of essential amino acids and the production of high-tech feed for livestock. This project, in which 14 plants will be built, is being implemented in cooperation with our Chinese partners. Creation of production is calculated for the period up to 2030 and provides for investments in the amount of more than $ 700 million, "A. Lukashenko said.

Also, in his opinion, the cooperation between the two countries in transport logistics has significant potential.

"A more efficient use by our countries of geographical advantages will contribute to the successful implementation of various projects within the multimodal transport corridor Baltic Sea - Black Sea. It is important to use the railway component, river navigation and integrate the seaports of Ukraine into the logistics chains, "the President of the Republic of Belarus emphasized.

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