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14 wet-mill plants will be build: Belarus invites Ukraine to participate in agricultural projects in the country

29.10.2018 08:35:41

"The farmers of your country will certainly be interested in the possibility of deep processing of grain in Belarus for the production of essential amino acids and the production of high-tech feed for livestock. This project, in which 14 plants will be built, is being implemented in cooperation with our Chinese partners. Creation of production is calculated for the period up to 2030 and provides for investments in the amount of more than $ 700 million, "A. Lukashenko said.

Daesang signs to transfer lysine technology to Chengfu Group for $8.82 mn

17.10.2018 20:21:47

South Korea's Daesang said on Wednesday it has signed a contract to transfer its lysine technology to China's Chengfu Group for 10 billion won ($8.82 million). The duo's lysine business is expected to grow from 500,000 tons to 700,000 tons. Daesang aims to achieve 2 trillion won in sales of lysine and other materials by 2022.


Russia: Aminoacids Prices

17.10.2018 11:03:45

The price for methionine in Russia decreased by 5% in April 2018 and was about 2.5-2.6 euro/kg at the end of the month. This is according to data from FeedLot.ru.
Approximately 8,000 tons of this amino acid were imported to Russia during four months of 2018, which is 17% (1,600 tons) less than imported during the period from January to April 2017. Export of Russian methionine produced by Volzhsky Orgsyntez during the first 4 months of 2018 amounted to about 2,500 tons.

USDA report has mixed impact

17.10.2018 10:59:52

The wheat market started the week under pressure as the Russian Ag Minister stated that 1.5 million metric tons of grain will be sold out of their reserves this month. The reason given was to lower storage costs. With the poorer quality they have experienced during harvest, this move was viewed by the trade as a gimmick to spur internal grain movement so they don't lose export market share.

Global Sorbitol Market Will Reach USD 1.59 Billion by 2022

04.05.2018 18:09:50

According to the report, global sorbitol market was valued at USD 1.17 billion in 2016, is expected to reach USD 1.59 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% between 2017 and 2022.

Russian Market Of Citric Acid. The Only Local Producer Quits.

04.05.2018 12:57:00

Simultaneously the Western producers of soft-drinks and candies like Bravo plant and Chupa-Chups just started their operations in Russia. The all needed Citric Acid as a pH regulator and the only source of this material became the importation. Thus my first blockbuster in chemical sales was Citric Acid Monohydrate (CAM).

Russian L-Lysine Market Trends

04.05.2018 12:48:00

Last year I have published an article about Russian market of amino-acids and about Russian market of L-Lysine in particular. It was noted that Russia was rapidly increasing the importation of Lysine in the last years. Also the plans of local companies to start their own production of Lysine were indicated. Though only few months have passed after this article publication the significant changes took place at Russian Lysine market which will be shown below.


Russia. Food exports has raised by more than 20%

04.05.2018 10:25:06

Exports of food and agricultural raw materials last year amounted to $20.7 billion, which is 21.1% more than in 2016, reads the report of the Ministry of agriculture. One third of the food products exported abroad fell on grain and products of the milling and cereal industry. The export of these products in the coming years may increase 1.5 times, experts believe.

Investing in starches

04.05.2018 10:13:41

Ingredion, Cargill and ADM expand through acquisitions and added capacity.

Putin pushes to make Russia agro-industrial leader

04.05.2018 10:12:15

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to make Russia a leader in the world's agro-industrial market, TASS News Agency reported on March 12.
He plans for the nation to be a net exporter of food in four years. This will require modern infrastructure and logistics, rail transport debottlenecking and capacity growth in ports, elevators and storage terminals, Putin said during a plenary session of the All-Russian Forum of Agricultural Producers.