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International Forum on the grain processing and industrial biotechnology "Graintek - 2018" is a unique industry forum in Russia and the neighboring countries. Participation in the exhibition of the Forum will provide you with a unique opportunity to find partners, represent your company, products and services to the target audience.
You get unequipped exhibition space 2 x 3 m, table, chair, one complimentary Forum registrationas well as company logo and description in the attendee's folder and opportunity to include promotional materials to the Forum's bag.

Package cost 2,500 EURO.

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If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for the International Forum «Graintek», please contact us by email at

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Participating companies

Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant, equipment, and services for processing basic foods and for manufacturing advanced materials. The Group holds leading market positions worldwide in technologies 

and processes for transforming grain into flour and feeds, making pasta and chocolate as well as in the field of aluminum die casting. 
The Group's core technologies lie in the area of mechanical and thermal process engineering. With the expertise and experience it has accumulated over more than 150 years, Bühler time and again rolls out unique and innovative solutions for its customers, thus enabling their market success. 
Over the decades, Bühler has acquired a reputation as a reliable partner, thanks to its declared commitment to quality and its global presence.
Bühler Group operates in over 140 countries and has a global payroll of over 10,000.




Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineered solutions. Our equipment, systems and services are dedicated to helping customers to optimize the performance of their processes. Time and time again.


We help our customers to heat, cool, separate and transport products such as oil, water, chemicals, beverages, foodstuffs, starch and pharmaceuticals.


Our worldwide organization works closely with customers in almost 100 countries to help them stay ahead. Up-to-date Alfa Laval contact details for all countries are always available on our website at www.alfalaval.ru


OAO Alfa Laval Potok
Russia, 141060, Moscow Region, 
Korolev, Microdistrict Bolshevo, Sovetskaya, 73
Tel: +7 (495) 232-12 50
Fax: +7 (495) 232-25 73




NPK Ekologia was founded in 1998. The company has its own research center and equipment manufacturing facilities enabling it to integrate technology innovation, design and production in the area of biotechnology, grain processing and food industry .
The technologies and equipment developed by NPK Ekologia have been introduced at many plants. All our technologies and equipment are energy efficient and environment friendly.


Originally NPK Ekologia positioned itself as a research and development company. Since 2001, we have been providing an entire range of engineering services (EPCM) for biotechnologies and grain processing from R&D, engineering and design to general contractor services.


NPK Ekologia team is always in search for new ideas and is open to share its knowledge and experience.
NPK Ekologia is constantly expanding the markets for its equipment and technologies and is open for partnership with technology and equipment producers.


The results of scientific researches carried out during the last 10 years have enabled us to create a number of new technologies in the area of biotechnology.

Some of our technologies are:





State Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms («Genetika») is a recognized leader in biotechnology research in Russia. Since its inception in 1968, Genetika has been on the forefront of microbiological research and development, with the strong focus towards creating industrial applications. Technologies developed at Genetika have been successfully implemented in a wide variety of biotechnology-based industrial processes, first in Soviet Union, and later in Russia and other countries, in cooperation with leading multinational manufacturers. These applications included production of amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins, antibiotics, recombinant proteins and enzymes, organic acids and solvents, biocatalysts, biological pesticides, and other types of compounds.

Genetika is the home of Russian National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms (VKPM) - the biggest collection of this type in the country. It boasts ca. 17000 strains of different bacterial, yeast and fungal species. VKPM is conducting a number of research and contract-based projects on isolation of strains with new industrially valuable properties, identification and cloning of specific genes, developing microbial overproducers using selection and genetic engineering approaches.

Currently, there are more than 100 Ph.D. scientists working at the Institute, with the total number of scientific, support and administrative personnel reaching 250 employees.




Vogelbusch Biocommodities is a global technology and service provider for industrial bioprocess plants. The company specialises in industrial biotechnology and designs plants for the sugar, starch and food processing industry.
Vogelbusch offers proprietary processes for biocommodities such as alcohol, bioethanol, yeast, vinegar, as well as glucose, dextrose, high fructose syrup, and citric acid. Engineering and system integration services are also carried out for grain processing complexes and third party fermentation processes.



With many years of experience with fermentation techniques Vogelbusch is well acquainted with the differing requirements of bioreactor design. The portfolio of separation technologies for the final processing of fermentation products includes distillation, evaporation, ion exchange, chromatography, filtration, crystallization, and extraction. 
Expertise accumulated over more than 95 years enables Vogelbusch to tailor plants precisely to clients' requirements.



Novasep является лидером в процессах тонкой очистки и разделения продуктов в различных отраслях от промышленных биотехнологий до фармацевтики.


Novasep обладает уникальной палитрой технологических решений в области мембранной фильтрации, ионного обмена и препаративной хроматографии, что позволяет нашим партнерам выпускать продукты высокого качества с меньшими издержками и максимальной производительностью.
Мы хорошо знаем, как произвести чистый продукт, минимизируя затраты энергоресурсов и негативное влияние на окружающую среду.





Компания Новозаймс А/С является мировым лидером в области био-инноваций. В тесном сотрудничестве со своими клиентами в широком спектре отраслей, мы создаем био-инновационные решения завтрашнего дня, улучшающие бизнес наших клиентов и способствующие рациональному использованию ресурсов нашей планеты.
Применяемые в более чем 40 разных отраслях в 130 странах мира, наши биологические решения способствуют оптимизации технологических процессов и качества продукции, одновременно снижая потребление воды, энергии и сырья и уменьшая количество отходов и выброс парниковых газов. 
Активно работая в области технологий биотоплива - как I-го, так и II-го поколений, компания Новозаймс предлагает своим клиентам в этой отрасли наиболее современные и эффективные биологические решения.





История компании «ФеттерТек» уходит своими корнями в далекий 1930 год, когда Ханс Феттер, инженер пивоваренного производства по образованию, организовал в Германии свою фирму «Феттер» с целью решения специфических проблем в области переработки сырой пивной дробины и жидких дрожжей. В августе 2010 года из состава «Ангидро» выделились компании «Феттер» и «Драйтек» (Великобритания) и образовали единую компанию «ФеттерТек» со штаб-квартирой и заводом в Германии. Сегодня компания «ФеттерТек» владеет научными и технологическими знаниями и практическим опытом в области глубокой переработки зерна, производстве этанола, крахмала, биотехнологических продуктов, переработке отходов пивоварения и производства спирта, а также в целлюлозно-бумажной и сахарной промышленностях. 
Компания «ФеттерТек» является стратегическим партнером ведущих мировых производителей продуктов глубокой переработки зерна в глобальном масштабе.





Dia-M - the biggest supplier for agricalture and biological labs in Russia for 25 years!
Dia-m is a team of professionals are specialized in delivering turnkey laboratory projects to perform a comprehensive analysis of grain and other cereals. We supply and install the complete equipment needed for a laboratory respectively for an all-embracing quality management. 
We wiil offer you the best equipment on the market like FOSS (INFRATEC1251, DR2500 and etc), Mettler Toledo, Binder, Sigma-Aldrich and many others.



Whatever you need for your specific food or animal feed packaging projects - we bring your visions to reality: For more than 80 years BEHN + BATES has specialized in the production of high quality bag filling machines for filling free-flowing products into valve bags, open-mouth bags and FFS bags. Since being taken over in 1994 by HAVER & BOECKER, one of the world-wide leading packing machine manufactures, we have specialized in the food and animal feed industries from the end of the 90s. Taking into account our history and traditions, specialization and wide experience - we are definitely one of the few companies that exclusively focus on your needs.

We manufacture:


- Valve bag packers (pneumatic, impeller, auger & gravity packers)
- Valve bag applicators and ultrasound sealing stations for valve bag filling automation
- Manual bag filling systems for open-mouth bags
- Automatic filling systems for open-mouth bags & FFS bags
- Palletizers (layer or robot palletizing)


It does not matter whether you fill powders or granules - we always have the right solution!

MMW Technologie GmbH, previously Mühlenbau, is a medium-sized company producing and providing modernist milling machinery and Mill plants. MMW is headquartered in Lutherstadt Wittenberg/Germany. MMW has more than 130 years experience in production and updating of equipment and in development of the milling technologies. 
2011 MMW was integrated together with PETKUS Technologie GmbH, thus we have strengthened the concept of various branches from grain handling, storage to grain processing and milling.
MMW production program is focused on customer requirements and development of innovative and efficient solutions of industrial flour production for starch and bioethanol as well as for bakery flours or semolina for pasta. MMW Technologie GmbH is specialized in technologies of Deep Grain Processing in Russia.

GEA is one of the largest suppliers of technology for the food processing industry and for a wide range of other process industries. As an international technology group, the Company focuses on world-leading process technology and components for sophisticated production processes.

GEA is a pioneer in wheat starch processing. Over many decades we have continuously supplied the wheat starch industry with innovative solutions, from single machines up to complete processes. By working intensively together with our customers we learned to understand the major challenges the modern wheat starch industry is facing. Thus, we have developed extensive know-how to design, build and optimize complete multi-purpose plants for the recovery of wheat starch, gluten and by-products like animal feed or even bioethanol. The trick is to design the process in a way that enables our customer to react flexibly to the respective price level of each recovered product.

With GEA you might have the unique chance to receive from one suppler all the key equipment, decanters and separators, hydro-cyclones, evaporators and dryers. Besides the equipment, GEA helps you with engineering services. Together with local contractors also turnkey solutions from raw material storage up to finished end product can be supplied. The use of the latest planning and visualization software gives you a virtually hands-on experience of how the plant will look like.

Optimizing the overall yield and profitability can only take place when the complete process is taken into consideration. GEA is unique in being able to provide expert know-how and best in class technology for all the different process stages. Together with our local service and support staff we offer tailor made process solutions for the challenges the starch industry is facing.



392000, The Russian Federation,
Tambov city, Sovetskaya Street, bld. 51
Phone: +7.4752.79.37.28
Fax: +7.4752.70.35.25
Email: bio@zavkomgroup.com


ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING is a leading Russian industrial holding company. Since 1933 the company has been known in the world market as an EPC contractor, commodities supplier and manufacturer of equipment for food, agriculture, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

An undoubted advantage of our company is the availability of our own fixed equipment manufacturing plant. This enables us, when implementing turnkey projects, to reduce the cost of the equipment made at ZAVKOM facilities, and accelerate the process of project implementation when conforming design documentation, which leads to a reduction in capital costs for the customer.

The company provides clients with the innovative solutions and helps them to establish profitable business. We use state-of-the-art technologies and quality management systems to create competitive products and services.

ZAVKOM-ENGINEERING with its extensive experience in engineering, procurement and construction guarantees its customers high services and professional management at all stages of project implementation.



Technocom Engineering GmbH 

Адрес: Российская Федерация, 121248, Москва, Кутузовский проспект, 7/4
корп.1 офис 190
Телефон: +7(495) 6489806; +7(903) 2479590 Факс: +7(495) 6489806

E-mail: sales@technocom.at ; koshelev@technocom.at
Интернет: www.technocom.at